拉杜斯號(Raddus),[4] 早先被稱作Dawn of Tranquility,[1]是一艘 MC85 Star Cruiser,它是將軍 莉亞·歐嘉納旗艦[4] 抵抗勢力在與和第一軍團戰爭中使用。 它是在銀河帝國 and 新共和國之間簽訂的Military Disarmament Act之前最後一批製造的船艦。[1] 該船的名字是記念在銀河內戰中的反抗軍同盟Admiral 拉杜斯號 .[4]

它是新共和國的home fleet之一,後來退役並由抵抗勢力改造to be less crew intensive, eliminating systems and computerization deemed unnecessary. 其改造的方向是以抵抗勢力的目標為準。[1]

在毀掉弒星者基地之後,, 拉杜斯號參與了 D'Qar的撒退。. While 波·戴姆倫 and a team of bombers engaged the retaliating First Order forces, the remaining Resistance personnel was successfully transferred to the orbiting ship. The Raddus jumped to lightspeed, but much to everyone's surprise, was tracked through hyperdrive by the 至上號, Snoke's massive flagship, and attacked.

Its bridge was destroyed during an attack carried out by 凱羅·忍 along with two wingmen, killing many resistance officers including 蓋爾·阿克巴 and almost taking the life of Organa, who managed to get back onboard through the vacuum of space with the force. Upon arrival at Crait, the ship was evacuated through shuttles. Vice Admiral 艾米琳·何朵 decided to stay and command the lost vessel. When the Supremacy started to target the fleeing shuttles, Holdo turned the Raddus and rammed the Mega-class Star Dreadnought at lightspeed, destroying both ships and several of the escorting Resurgent-class Star Destroyers.[2] Template:Ship-stub



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