He's a master codebreaker, an ace pilot, a poet with a blaster.
―瑪茲·卡娜塔對芬恩、蘿絲和波講STAR WARS:最後的絕地武士

解碼大師(Master Codebreaker)是《星際大戰》中的角色人類 男性,本名不詳,是一個解碼高手,蘿絲·提科芬恩為了阻止第一軍團旗艦至高無上號抵抗勢力的巡洋艦的追縱,而要找他幫忙。[1]

解碼大師因某種原因為瑪茲·卡娜塔所知,, who sent the pair after him while they were desperate for someone of his talents. When they finally spotted him in the Canto Casino in 坎托拜, they attempted to run up to him, but were apprehended by the Canto Bight Police Department for illegally parking their 星艦 on the beach. 解碼大師的同伴女性「親愛的」(Lovey)問他到底發生什麼事,他回答沒什麼重要的事。[1] Template:Char-stub

個性和特徵 编辑

Master Codebreaker was only known by his title, and kept his original identity a secret. However, he once posted all of his personal information to a public node, encrypted by biohexacrypt, and anybody who uncovered the information was welcome to take his mantle. However, nobody was known to have retrieved the information.[2]

At the Canto Casino, Master Codebreaker was only allowed to play dice games, and he was forbidden from electronic entertainment.[2]

Matching his levels of secrecy, the Codebreaker's companion kept her real name hidden from him, and he only referred to her as "Lovey".[2]

He regularly wore a brooch in the shape of a red flower pinned on his lapel, which Maz told Finn and Rose about as an identifying mark. On the day he was sought out by the pair, he was sporting a thin black mustache.[1]


出現在2017年的電影STAR WARS:最後的絕地武士,由賈斯汀·塞洛克斯演出。

In an earlier version of the film's script, Finn and Rose Tico were originally meant to actually meet the Master Codebreaker inside a cabaret room of the Canto Casino, only to be taken in a quest for a MacGuffin and be arrested by the Canto Bight Police Department at the casino's rooftop. This idea was eventually cut, however.[3]